How about having your own fusion reactor in your basement or your backyard?  No more power bills to pay!  This would be awesome!

The goal of the game is to activate the fusion reaction between two fast moving nuclei by targeting them with your laser (your finger that is).  You must hit them at the precise moment when they collide with each other.  Easier said than done!

There are nine vacuum tubes in which the nuclei travel following different patterns.  As you go up in game levels, these patterns will become more and more difficult.  In fact, for the "insane" levels, you will only succeed if you learn the appearance pattern of the nuclei throughout the nine tubes.

When you hit the nuclei at the right time, you gain energy as indicated by the yellow bar going up.  However, if you miss, you waste energy and the red bar will go down until it reaches zero (game over!).

The "levels" screens allow you to replay a previously unlocked level to challenge a friend for example.  Each level has a unique name for easy reference.

Occasionally, you may find some higher levels to be easier than lower ones.  This is normal and it is meant to provide "relaxing" pauses in the game.

The FREE version has 16 levels so that you can test the compatibility of your device and try the game before you decide to purchase the full version.  In the paid version, the button for level "17" will be red (instead of blue) like the others to indicate that all levels are now available.

We hope that you will enjoy Fusion!

There is absolutely no advertisement in the FREE or paid versions.  You get a clean app with no intrusive ad banners floating around on your game screen.

Use the back key on your device to navigate through screens and exit the game.

There are two links to the Google Play Store provided below; one for the FREE version and one for the paid version.


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