Memory Rainbow


Memory Rainbow is an excellent game to exercise your memory.  You can also challenge your friends to see who will get the best score!

The goal of the game is very simple; you need to convert all the squares to the same color.  You choose what color this is, based on the pattern you get after a shuffle.

You start the game by choosing a difficulty level; easy, intermediate, hard or insane (please don't choose insane as a starter as you might think that you have no memory at all...).  Then press <SHUFFLE>.  When you like the pattern you see, quickly press <STOP>.  Pressing <PLAY> will then take you to the actual game screen.  Here you need to analyze the pattern of squares and decide which color you want to change all the squares to.

After careful consideration, press <HIDE> and press each square you want to change the color.  The squares will be grey after you press hide so this is where your memory will need to kick in.  Remember the rainbow colors?  RED - YELLOW - GREEN - BLUE.  So if you press a red square once, it will turn yellow (in the background since you cannot see it).  If you press a yellow square twice, it will turn blue and so on.  Blue will wrap around to red if pressed once.

When you think that you have it right (or close enough), press <SHOW> and the game board will show you the result of all your presses on the squares.  The goal here is to change all squares to the same color in as few moves as possible (a low score is better).  The total number of moves will be saved in the statistics window.

When you want to start a new game or abandon what you have done and start over with a new pattern, simply press the <NEW GAME> button.

The game comes with the "EASY" level for free.  If you would like to try the more advanced levels, they can all be unlocked at the same time for the minimal fee of $0.99.

We hope that you will enjoy Memory Rainbow!


You can use the buttons in the game or the back key of your device to navigate through the screens.

When a popup window opens, simply tap on the window to close it.

There is absolutely no advertisement in this game. There is no ad banners floating around on your screen!  See a few screenshots below.  There is also a link to the game in the Google Play Store at the bottom of this page.

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