Solitaire Time


Solitaire Time is a very different game of solitaire like you have probably never seen!  Give it a try!

Unlike most games of solitaire, in Solitaire Time the cards are laid out in the clock format with the Kings in the center.  Aces represent "1", Jacks represent "11" and the Queens represent "12" o'clock.

The goal of the game is very simple; you need to uncover all the cards BEFORE uncovering the fourth and last King.  You start by moving the uncovered card in the center of the clock to its corresponding location.  Once you get there (and assuming it is the right location), the card will drop when you lift your finger and a new card under that pile will be uncovered by the system.  You then pickup that card and drag it to its number location.  You keep doing this until you uncover all the cards.

When the fourth and last King is uncovered, the game is finished since there are no more cards to uncover from underneath that pile (since you start the game at that location, there are only three cards in that pile, not four).  This may sound complicated but when you start playing you will see how simple this is.

Please note that the cards are drawn a little above your finger location on the screen so that you can clearly see them when you move your finger.  To achieve a successful drop, it is your finger location that counts for the destination pile, not the actual moving card location.  Keep this in mind when you play.  It does not make a big difference on a 10-inch tablet but it does on a much smaller smartphone!

This is a relaxing game to play when you have only a few minutes to kill since one game can be played in two minutes.  Beware though, it is not easy to win since as you know there are four Kings in a deck of 52 cards, so the odds are against you!

Both the FREE and paid versions have absolutely no advertisement.  You get clean apps with no ad banners floating around your screen.

The FREE version will allow you to play up to 5 uncovered cards, which will be sufficient to "lose" several games.  However, to achieve a "winning" ending with a full 52 moves, you will need to purchase for a minimal fee the full version.  The FREE version will also allow you to test the game and its mechanics on your device before you decide to make a purchase.

We hope that you will enjoy Solitaire Time!

Solitaire Time is optimized for the following devices: 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch tablets,  smartphones with a screen size greater than 4 inches.  On smaller screens the cards become too small to be handled with fingers (unless you are an alien...). 

Use the device back key to navigate through the screens and exit the game.

There are two links to the Google Play Store provided below; one for the FREE version and one for the paid version.

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