Solitaire Time


"Solitaire Time" is the Classic game of solitaire/patience in the clock format.  The 52 cards of a standard deck are distributed in a clock shape from positions 1 to 13.  Position 1 o'clock is to be filled by Aces, position 11 by Jacks, position 12 by Queens and position 13 (center of clock) by Kings.  Each clock position holds 4 cards. 

The goal of the game is very simple; to win you must uncover the fourth King at the very end of the game when all other cards have been put in the correct clock positions.  You start the game by drawing a card from the center pile of the clock (position 13) and move that card to the top of its corresponding "rank" pile.  When you place a card in the correct position, the card under that pile will be uncovered automatically by the system.  You keep going until you uncover the fourth and last King.  When you uncover the last King, the game is over since there is no more card to draw from position 13 of the clock.  At this point, you win only if all cards have been uncovered and placed at their correct positions.  A card counter at the bottom of the screen will indicate how many uncovered cards are remaining. 

The game allows for full control of the cards with your finger.  A drop on a pile will be accepted by the system only if the "rank" of the moving card equals the location of the pile. The cards are drawn a little above the finger touch point so that the user can see a card as it is being moved.  For this reason, the point of successful contact on the destination pile is the finger, NOT the actual location of the card being moved.  Keep this in mind when you play! 

This is a relaxing game to play when you have only a few minutes to kill since one game can be played in two minutes.  Beware though, it is not easy to win as there are four Kings in a deck of 52 cards! 

For a minimal fee you get a game with absolutely no advertisement. 

Solitaire Time is optimized for the following devices: 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch tablets,  smartphones with a screen size greater than 4 inches.  On smaller screens the cards become too small to be handled with fingers (unless you are an alien...).

There is also a FREE version available.  This FREE version will allow play up to 5 uncovered cards, which will be sufficient to "lose" several games.  However, to achieve a "winning" ending with a full 52 moves, you will need to purchase for a minimal fee the full version.  This FREE version will allow you to test the game and its mechanics on your device before you decide to make a purchase.  Just like the paid version, there is no advertisement in the FREE game.

There are two links provided below; one for the FREE version of the game and one for the paid version.

Pleasant/relaxing background graphics and music for the enjoyment of the player!

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