Space Garbage


After spending a few weeks on the International Space Station (ISS), we soon realized that debris floating around the earth has become a growing problem.  They represent a hazard for our astronauts so we decided to design a simulator (some people call it a game) to help them practice before they lift off to ISS.

The goal of the game is to travel in space for as long as you can without hitting one of those floating objects.  You will see all kind of objects out there, proof that pollution has unfortunately reached outer space!

If you paid for the upgrades (minimal fee of $0.99), your ship will be equipped with special upgrades that will make it invincible for 10 seconds.  But be warned, you still need to avoid the force fields at the bottom and top of your screen.  When a special feature is about to be deactivated, you will here a caution message.  Each special feature can be activated only once during a game.

After a game over, if your score is higher than the lowest score in the list, a window will automatically open to allow you to enter your name.  Hence your name and score will be saved in the top ten list.

Please note that your ship follows the laws of physics (some of them anyway), which means that it will accelerate and decelerate slowly to fight inertia.  You will need some practice to get used to it.

We hope that you will enjoy Space Garbage and please try not to smash Chris Hadfield's guitar...

The FREE version (without paying for the in-app purchase) has all the features of the game except for the special five ship upgrades, which are listed below.


The abbreviations used in the game for the ship's special features are:

AM: Anti-Matter

CD: Cloaking Device

IV: Invisibility

SU: Shields Up

TS: Time Shift  

Game navigation notes:

You can use the buttons in the game or the back key of your device to navigate through screens.  When a popup window opens, simply tap on the window to close it.

There is absolutely no advertisement in this game. There is no ad banners floating around on your screen!  See a few screenshots below.  There is also a link to the game in the Google Play Store at the bottom of this page.

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