Oh no! It looks like you got fired!  Did you miss the memo?  Regardless, it is time to "whack" those in your organization responsible for your misfortune.  At least this is how you see it... But be careful not to upset some people...

The CEO did sign the form, right?  But did he really know you???  He sure deserves to be whacked.  He is dressed in black and you will get 20 points because he is a fast guy!

The VP of Marketing never really understood you so he deserves to be whacked.  He is dressed in purple and you will get 10 points.  He is fairly fast.

The VP of Sales has always been your friend.  He is dressed in green and do not whack him or you will lose 10 points.  He is also fairly fast.

The Director of Finance is a very nice lady but she still deserves to be whacked.  She is dressed in yellow and you will get 5 points.

The Director of Engineering is a real pain in the neck!!!  He sure deserves to be whacked.  He is dressed in red and you will get 5 points.

The HR Manager is also a very nice lady but in the end she did not defend you very much!  She deserves to be whacked.  She is dressed in blue and you will only get 1 point because she does not move quickly.

Finally, your Admin Assistant has always been on your side.  Do not whack her or you will lose 5 points.  She is dressed in orange, her favorite color!  She also does not move very quickly.

This is a very busy office (on purpose!) so the people will be difficult to see at first until you get accustomed to the surroundings.

After 5 misses the game is over (or shall we say "you are fired!").  Good luck but remember, it is generally not a good idea to burn bridges...

Both the music and sound effects can be turned off but the game experience is much better with the sound cranked all the way up!

We hope that you will enjoy Toss a Boss!

Use the back key on your device to navigate through screens and exit the game.

Probably the best implementation of the arcade classic "Whack-a-Mole" game!  Both the FREE and paid versions have absolutely no ads.  There are no ad banners floating around on your screen.  You can also try the FREE version first to test the compatibility of your device before you decide to make a purchase.

There are two links to the Google Play Store provided below; one for the FREE version and one for the paid version.


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